Business Development

In Gifmo Business Development is seen as the most important function of any business. We see that a company has to develop its business at all times to stay strong in the competition and in the changing markets. Not many things are stable in any business environment, so companies have to find new ways to create business at all times and thatís where Gifmo steps in. Gifmo creates and takes part in business development projects in the following fields.

  • Business Ideas
    • The development of business ideas, whether itís for new businesses or existing, should be continuous.

  • Business Plans
    • Through great and new ideas there should be excellent and executable Business Plans.

  • Founding Businesses
    • Founding Businesses is a great way to execute great business ideas. New business can be founded e.g. in an existing company, creating spin-offs or founding complitely new companies.

  • Sales & Marketing
    • Sales & Marketing is the leading function of any business when creating revenue and creating means for growth.

  • Creating connections, building bridges and searching for partners
    • Every company needs these for Business Development. Gifmo is an expert with these.

Whatīs new

July 3rd 2009 - Gifmo website released.