Sales and Marketing

Sales & Marketing is a crucial function for any business. The spine of Gifmo is Sales & Marketing. Through our own experience, intuition and vision we want to develop our own Sales & Marketing function and help others do the same. Gifmo operates in three different dimensions of Sales & Marketing.

  • B2B Sales & Marketing
    • B2B Sales projects
    • B2B Marketing Projects
      • Advertising
      • Promotion
      • Company representation
      • →Fairs, events, etc.

  • B2C Sales & Marketing
    • Planning and executing B2C Sales & Marketing projects with and for partners
    • Including promotions, sales representation, direct sales, etc.

  • Sales & Marketing consulting
    • Gifmo provides consulting services in Sales & Marketing, both B2B and B2C

What´s new

July 3rd 2009 - Gifmo website released.